Today there are too many untrusting folks who are getting access to your information via the internet, don't give them the opportunity to collect and use your personal Information....


Being Safe on the Internet actually Starts with you and your PC, if you don't have a decent Virus Checker and Firewall then you are vulnerable to attacks.

You Personal Pc usually contains a great deal of information about you, and for the most part we usually also save our user names and passwords on our pc's for easy access. Whilst many will say that this should not be done as you should not save this information on you pc, I know I do so I bet you do as well. The key to keeping safe on the net is to ensure your pc is secure, then never, I mean never open or look at any emails from anyone that you do not trust, as this is the number one method by which hackers try to access your pc. This is because the moment you click a link in the email you will be taken to a site that instantly attempts to link to your pc, or your pc might actually attempt to send information out.

Good security software will alert you to this type of activity but its still not something you should trust. I for one never put my full faith in software, but with common sense when on the net I can say that i have never had a virus or any other type of security treat in over 8 years. In that time I have use the Number 1 Security Program to Safe Guard my Pc and Information. Nod is by far the best of the best, it runs circles around almost all other programs in the marketplace